The dictionary has been compiled by the author based on her personal work experience over the last ten years and from her encounter with a wide range of sources and literature including newspaper articles, seminars, data books, annual reports, relevant websites, including the following.

American Coal foundation
Bazan Oil Refineries
BG website
BP website
Delek Energy
EIA – Energy Information Association
Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Co.
Energy vortex dictionary
Geological survey of Israel
Geological terms written in Hebrew by Dubaf
Geophysical institute
Greener industry glossary
Israel Electric Corp.
Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection
Israel National Coal Ash Board
Israeli Institute of Energy and Environment
Israeli Ministry of Education
Laws & Regulations in Israel’s Energy sector
LSE Finance Glossary
Ministry of National Infrastructure
Natural Gas Supply Association
OCS alternative energy guide
Official Nebraska government website
Ormat technologies
PetroStrategies Inc Glossary
Public Utility Authority – Electricity
The British Gas Natural Gas Dictionary
The Paleontological Research Institution
The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
The World Petroleum Council (WPC)
US Department of Energy
USGS – Science for a changing world


Author and editorGina Cohen

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