It is a Hebrew-English glossary of terms used in the energy industry with explanations and definitions. It is a start at compiling a definitive repository of words, phrases, concepts, abbreviations, translations and definitions in an easy to use format for the Israeli user.

What it includes

The glossary provides translations from English (the official language of the energy industry) to Hebrew of thousands of concepts compiled from the field of energy, to include items from the following spheres:

Oil and Gas Exploration & Production Geology and Geophysics Drilling and Appraisal Reservoir and Well Characteristics Upstream, Midstream & Downstream Oil Refinery and Distillation Platforms, Rigs & Shipping Transmission & Distribution Networks Oil and Gas Pipelines Global Energy Majors Gas Sales Agreements

Historical trends in the energy sector Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Renewable and Alternative Energy Environment and Energy Conservation Utility Electricity Sector Independent Power Plants Nuclear power Solar, Geothermal, Wind generation Financial, legal & Administrative terms Tender processes Volumetric, statistical & Pricing Tends General Energy Information

How it is organized

The dictionary consists of:

  • Terms/concepts in English with its Hebrew translation (where available)
  • Definitions or Explanations in both English and Hebrew for thousands of the entries
  • Abbreviations (where relevant)
  • Entire phrases in Hebrew and English taken mostly from legal texts (Gas Law, Electricity Law, etc.) to be used mostly as translation tools



I hope that this glossary will benefit people directly involved in Israel’s energy sector, such as government officials and regulatory bodies, consultants, governmental or private companies, professionals from the legal and financial world, students or translators, entities dealing in alternative and renewable energy, infrastructure companies and many others who have any kind of interface with the energy sector.

Gina Cohen